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LikSad e-Bike
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Cathy MullahyCathy Mullahy
11:22 12 Oct 21
Excellent bike. Close to lake and bike path.
Mostafa TahaMostafa Taha
11:29 05 Sep 21
Good service and prices !
Mohamed HamdyMohamed Hamdy
08:19 03 Sep 21
frindly and professional
Ahmed MohamedAhmed Mohamed
11:17 02 Sep 21
Excellent experience. Bikes are in a perfect condition and the service was superbVery cooperative staff
20:39 24 Dec 19
The best experience. If you would like something different, you must try LikSad E bikes. You would reach every corner of the city in minimum effort, quick and with a reasonable price. Avoid the traffic, save time and enjoy the ride. I would recommend to my friends also. Tirana needs this e-bikes. 😎☺️


IMG_20191216_103249 (1)

Fat e-Bike

Fat e-Bike
Vizito ndonjë vend / bëj një tour të shkurtër
Autonomia: 40-60km
Frena Hidraulike
Shpejtesia Maksimale: 30km/h
Shalë me amortizator
Dritat Led
Tregues Dixhital
Rrota 26 x 4"


City e-Bike

Rekomanduar për ture te gjata në qytet
Akselerim i shpejte
25 km/h shpejtësi maksimale
10 ingranaxhe shpejtësie
60 km autonomi
Turbo, EMTB , Tour, Eco
Tregues dixhital (oddo, speed, battery)

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-15 at 3.17.33 PM


Rekomanduar për ture ne terrene malore ose kodrinore.
Akselerim i shpejte
Motorr Bosch Performane Line CX
25km/h shpejtësi maksimale
10/11 ingranazhe shpejtësie
50 km autonomi
Turbo, EMTB, Tour, Eco
Tregues dixhital (oddo, speed, battery)


Fully EMTB

*Best ebike perfomance
Rekomanduar për ngjitje në mal
Akselerim super i shpejte
Motorr Bosch Performance Line CX 2021, Gen4
25km/h shpejtësi maksimale
12 ingranazhe shpejtësie
70 km autonomi
Turbo, EMTB+, Tour, Eco
Tregues dixhital (oddo, speed, battery)
Full air suspension

Included with every e-Bike rental:

Phone Holder
Bike Lock
Front Basket


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For e-Bike rental & bike tour
with pick up at:

Tirana, Albania

Rruga Margarita Tutulani,
+35568 34 90 195
See map


To Do!

Wake up and ride at your own pace.
Let the chalk arrows lead the way.
Taste Local Culture.


Walking (photo) Tour

These bike tours in Tirana are unique experience you shouldn't miss. Take selfies with The Skanderbeg Monument.It commemorates Skanderbeg, the national hero in Albania for resisting the Ottomans.

  • Skanderbeg Square
  • Natural History Museum
  • National Gallery of Arts
  • Et`hem Bey Mosque
  • The Tirana Pyramid

Go for Hike

By taking the time to go on a hike and soak in the fresh air Mother Nature has to offer will be refreshing and also good for your overall health.

  • Hike to the top of Mount Dajti (Day Trip)
  • Hike to the village and cave of Pellumbas (Day Trip)
  • Tirana Walking Tour (Day Trip)
  • Majestic Mountain Trek from Valbona to Thethi (3 Days)

Lost in Small Streets

Get lost in the natural heart of Tirana City and find hundreds of hidden gems throughout the park. As you ride from place to place, you will see a wide range of attractions.

Our guide will lead you to some of the most interesting spots, oversee your adventure, and provide the bits of history, pop culture, and more to complete the experience.

Eat & Drink Like a Local

Almost every country, or even city, is known for a particular drink or spirit, whether its sake in Japan, whisky in Scotland or tequila or mezcal in Mexico.

  • Sky Club
  • Oda
  • Vila 100
  • Piazza Piano Bar
  • The Tea Room

Eja na u bashko!

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