Hey, I’m Sadi . I’m an Entrepreneur living in Albania. I am a fan of Pitching, Project Writing, and entrepreneurship. What you are looking is a business started absolutely from 0. When I was 18 years old I had a huge desire to make e-bike tours, but the only thing I had was an idea, no money, no support, a lot of indifference from people that didn’t believe in my dream.

Leader for a Day

This tour is for you to know the routine of a leader in one day

Have you ever listen to a motivational speaker live? Successful people like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Dan Pena, Elon Musk, all these have one thing in common, they are hungy for success, hungry for better life, hungry to make their dreams become true.

The same attitude it’s even on me, but do you have it? Do you want that energy to drive you to success?

This tour is programmed to bring a huge change and value in your life.

Book now by sending me an email: sadilika12@gmail.com

Price: 150 ‎/person (inc. ebike, food, drink)

Duration: 8h, visiting Tirana

Is that expensive for you? Hell no, I will not get a single penny from you if you don’t receive back the same value.