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The one thing you need to explore Albania is an electric bicycle. Two wheels that create emotions not pedaling pain.
Thanks to electric asistence LikSad e-Bike is perfect choice to move everywhere, city, mountains, hills, beach etc.

By riding an e-bike, you can enjoy the rush of air on your face without having to pedal too hard. This means you reach your accomodation safely and comfortably. Ascents and strong headwinds can also be tackled effortlessly by e-bike.

Despite being packed with the most modern and technical equipment, e-bikes are very easy to operate. You decide whether you want to use the electro-engine as gentle support during a comfortable bike ride.

Thanks to electric battery you can ride up to 100km on a single charge and you can charge it while sleeping or eating.
You can go as far as you want exploring cities like Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Berat, Fier, Vlora, Dhermi, Ksamil, Tropoja, Theth, Shkoder etc.
If you are a team it’s more comfortable for you to explore Albania than any other option.

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